Dark holds a special place in my heart

Luca writes…

First a comment, I just wanted to let you know how much you and your books mean to me- having grown up with them and growing with the characters over time.
Torak, Wolf and Renn’s journeys were amazing to witness, but Dark holds a special place in my heart, and has ever since Ghost Hunter.
I have wondered since finishing Wolf Bane, but have you always had ideas about Dark’s character growth and his sexuality (I’m unsure of how spoiler heavy I should be with this, forgive me if its too detailed)
The books have always been inspired to draw by your books, so I thought I would leave my most recent drawing of Dark.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Luca, I’m so very glad that these books have meant a lot to you, and thank you for sharing your liking for Dark.  I particularly liked him too, and (without, as you say, including any spoilers here!), I always knew what his true nature was – and where I would like him to end up – but when I was writing GHOST HUNTER I realised that I wouldn’t have room in that story to deal with the rest of his character.  To have tried in that book would have been to trivialise it.  So, with regret, I had to leave it unsaid.  It was therefore one of the great joys of writing the final three books that I have had enough space to do Dark justice – and to find him a really nice partner.

Many thanks for getting in touch.  Regards,  Michelle