Definitely the best book EVER

Elin writes…

Hello! Me and my friends all love your incredible books. We read Wolfbane a chapter a day together, and all cried at the end! Wolf Brother is definitely the best book EVER, and it has inspired and moved me so much. I’m really grateful you wrote them! Talking about our Wolfbane theories and favourite charecters has brought all of us so much joy. And also I was wondering, Torak and Renn have a bit of a habit of running away to protect each other, which makes them argue; do you think they’ll stop after the ending of Wolfbane? And also thank you so much for the Dark and Kujai storyline. It has moved me so much. Thank you 🙂

Michelle Replies…

Dear Elin,
What a great idea for you and your friends to read a chapter a day – and  I’m really pleased that you liked the Dark/Kujai storyline, as I very much enjoyed writing it!  I’m also particularly delighted that you enjoyed WOLF BANE so much, as I was very keen to keep up the quality of the series right through the ninth and final book.  Judging from your comments, it seems that I’ve succeeded.

As for Torak and Renn… yes, they’ll probably have a few summers off from rescuing each other, although I doubt that their adventures are over.  It’s just that I won’t be writing them.

Best wishes, Michelle