From Darjeeling to Kanchenjunga

Ed writes…

Dear Michelle, I greatly enjoyed Thin Air. Indeed, I’d like to follow the protagonists journey from Darjeeling to Kanchenjunga. I believe you took just such a journey. Is there a travel agency or your company you’d recommend? Thank you, Ed

Michelle Replies…

Dear Ed,

I’m so glad that you enjoyed THIN AIR.  I did indeed follow part of the protagonists’ journey, but I didn’t trek all the way to Kangchenjunga Base Camp, as that would have taken longer than I had time for (although I believe some companies do do that trek, if you’re up for it).  In 2015 I went with World Expeditions (who were then based in Wimbledon but I think they’ve since moved) and trekked from Yuksam in Sikkim to Dzongri, where we spent a few days exploring, before trekking back to Yuksam. I started off in Darjeeling,  then we drove to Sikkim, and much of the trek was through the foothills, which is much as I describe in the book.  I found World Expeditions very good, with an excellent guide whom I mention in the Author’s Note.  Obviously,  that was a few years ago, though, so I have no idea if things have changed since then.  Again, I’m glad that you liked the book – and the best of luck with your travel planes, it’s a fascinating part of the world!

Regards,  Michelle