Modern horror authors that you really like

Shonna writes…

Your writing is very spooky, especially in your horror novels, but even in your young adult series as well. I was wondering if you have any modern horror authors that you really like or modern horror books? I have found myself most scared by you and Darcy Coates to name a few. Happy reading and writing! 🙂

Michelle Replies…

Dear Shonna,

Hmm, that’s a tricky one, as I don’t read many modern horror or ghost books. That’s not because there aren’t any really good ones, it’s just that I prefer not to be influenced too much, and also I love reading the old Victorian or Edwardian ghost stories.  One modern book I did enjoy, though, was Sarah Moss’s COLD EARTH.  It’s set in Greenland on an archaelogical expedition, and it really does have a terrific atmosphere.  It’s also incredibly compelling: I just sat there and read it all day.  I haven’t caught up with her more recent books, but I’d definitely check her out.  I hope that helps – and happy reading!

Best wishes, Michelle