Review of Wakenhyrst

Graham writes…

I have just written for Goodreads a review of your wonderful book Wakenhyrst and thought you might like to read it, so here it is:

This novel combines gothic horror, ancient fenland folklore, and the social history of the fens. It also depicts very well how women in the early 20th century (as in many other periods too) were downtrodden and mistreated, how the “under classes” were, like the women, either ignored or badly treated, and how children had to behave impeccably or suffer the consequences.

It is very well written in thriller style, making you eager to turn the next page and find out what happens next. In doing so you also imbibe all that mixed factual material about the fens and mediaeval history.

The novel leaves you wondering throughout whether what is happening is the result of mental instability or if there really are demons working behind the scenes. When you finish you initially feel it is all down to the former. But then you may, like me, feel a slight flutter suggesting perhaps there was a little more to it after all.

A good read!

Michelle Replies…

Dear Graham, I’ve just got home and read your marvellous message.  Thank you SO much – not only for the brilliant review, but also for letting me know about it via your posting; that was really thoughtful, and I do appreciate it.  Most of all, though, I’m simply delighted that you enjoyed the book; and I’m particularly pleased that I managed to leave you with that “slight flutter” of doubt about demons, after you’d finished.  Thanks again.  With very best wishes, Michelle