Simply, a thank you!

Otto writes…


just wanted to reach out to say that the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness were a pretty transformative part of my childhood. I remember reading the Finnish translation of Wolf Brother in just about a day. Having grown up running around the forests of rural Finland, it all just clicked immediately. Outcast ended up being the first full novel I ever read in English too — the translations were great, but I simply could not wait. Now that I think of it, I'd be surprised if your series didn't contribute to the fact that I ended up working in research, with a focus on wolves to boot.

What made me want to send this message was picking up Dark Matter last year. I'd just spent a spring in Svalbard, and what can I say: it was the same thing all over again as with Wolf Brother. Couldn't put it down. Being so familiar with environments that Torak and Renn inhabited always drew me in as a kid. And now, to experience that again as an adult who'd fallen in love with the desolate wastes of the High Arctic, was one of the highlights of an otherwise rough year.

Thank you,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Otto, What a great message; thank you!  I love the picture you evoke of your childhood self wolfing down Wolf Brother in about a day, not to mention running around in the Finnish forests (I envy you that).   I’m also delighted that you enjoyed Dark Matter, and that it reminded you of the High Arctic, which we both know and love.  But I’m sorry you had a rough year.  Here’s hoping that 2024 will be better.  With very best wishes, Michelle