Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Raven writes…

Hi Michelle,

I've been meaning to read through Chronicles of Ancient Darkness again (as I finally have some extra time) since I recently learned that there were three new books to read! So, so excited to buy them and continue the adventures in the world I adored as a kid.

However, there's been a question on my mind ever since I was gifted my copy of Wolf Brother many years ago that I cannot stop thinking about. I have a temporary tattoo sheet full of all of the books' front cover symbols (Wolf, Orca, Ice Bear, Torak, etc.) – is this something that was placed in every hardcover copy of the book? Or was I gifted a special edition somehow? I have not seen anyone discuss this tattoo sheet online, nor do I know anyone personally who has read the series, so I have been too scared to try and use it! Though I'm unsure if it would still work effectively after so many years of preservation haha.

Is this temporary tattoo sheet special? Do you know if it was only associated with a particular edition of Wolf Brother? I'd greatly appreciate any information to help solve this decade-or-so-long mystery!

And also, thank you for writing one of the most influential book series I've ever read. The feelings I experienced when reading through the journey of Torak and Wolf have never left me, even so many years later. I look forward to completing the more recently released trilogy soon as well. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Raven, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the stories as a child.  The sheet of temporary tattoos did indeed come with a particular edition of Wolf Brother, many years ago, so by now there probably aren’t that many of them left.  Indeed, I only have one copy with the tattoos in it, in my own collection – and like you, I’ve never tried them out.  Still, these things are meant to be used, so if I were you, I’d give them a try.  Thanks for getting in touch – and I really hope that you enjoy returning to Torak’s world, in the final three books!  With very best wishes, Michelle