Thank you for these wonderful books!

Seren writes…

Hi Michelle!

I'm Seren (it's not my real name – I don't like sharing my real name online. Another pseudonym I use is 'limoncats'.) and I was born and raised in the UK by Turkish parents!
Ever since my class collectively read Wolf Brother together I fell in love with this series! I don't read that much, but the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness is so good I couldn't resist! I've only just finished Oath Breaker by the time I'm writing this and it was so good, your books never fail to make me emotional or excited at times…
This series has also helped me get closer to my classmates that also continued reading the series, because it's an interest we all share and it leads to lots of fun!
My personal favourite book was Spirit Walker, Bale is a really cool character!

Thank you so much for making this amazing book series, and I can't wait to see what Torak goes through in Ghost Hunter!


Michelle Replies…

Dear Seren/Limoncats, thank you so much for getting in touch, and I’m delighted that you (and some of your classmates) have been enjoying the series.  Just so you know, although when I finished Ghost Hunter I thought that was the end of the series, a few years later I had an idea, so I wrote three more – Viper’s Daughter, Skintaker, and Wolfbane – all featuring Torak, Renn, Wolf, and many of the other characters from the original series.  So when you finish Ghost Hunter, it’s not the end.  I hope you and your friends have many more happy times in Torak’s world – and may the guardian run with you!  With very best wishes, Michelle