The Shadow Catcher

The Shadow Catcher

“A richly atmospheric book full of menacing secrets and betrayal.”

The Sunday Mirror


“A glorious, compulsive read set mostly in Jamaica… it fair zings along. I loved it. Quite splendid.”

The Bookseller


“Put the chores on hold and prepare to be swept along by lyric prose and an unputdownable story.”

Candis Magazine - Best of the Month


“Epic! Fully immerses the reader…”

Good Housekeeping


“A magical read – a magical and gripping saga”

SW Magazine


“If your life is lacking some serious drama, a new book has hit the shelves this week that will satisfy your need by the bucketful… The Shadow Catcher is a tale of families, folklore and unspoken love that Michelle Paver weaves with ease, while never failing to keep up the tension that will have you pawing at the pages in desperation for more”

Peterborough Evening Telegraph


“A powerful and richly atmospheric novel, with strong characters and a glorious setting.”

Family Circle


The Shadow Catcher

“Richly atmospheric… full of menacing secrets” – The Sunday Mirror

EDEN. In the depths of the lush Jamaican forest stands a ruined house of haunting beauty – the last remains of a great estate founded on slavery. Abandoned for decades, it still casts its spell down the generations. A place of dreams, magic and madness.

Worlds away, ten-year-old Madeleine’s untroubled Scottish Scottish childhood is cut short by a fateful encounter with the handsome, disenchanted Cameron Lawe. Left alone to raise her new-born sister Sophie, and growing up an outcast in Victorian London, she seizes her chance to escape and returns to the decaying Jamaican plantation where she was conceived. There she finds a people haunted by a savage legacy and a family torn apart by obsession and betrayal; but there too she finds Eden – where she must finally confront the shadows of her past.

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