Viper’s Daughter

“There’s no better time-travelling guide than Michelle Paver… she does for the Stone Age what Hilary Mantel does for the Tudors”

Alex O’Connell, The Times Children's Book of the Week


“Children trapped at home now have at least one reason to celebrate — the long-awaited return of The Wolf Brother series! Immersive and gripping, with richly evocative descriptions of the natural world and Paver’s total control of her imaginary kingdom maintains the tension to the very end. Welcome back!”

The Daily Mail


“What rich, dazzling, immersive storytelling”

Hilary McKay, author of The Skylarks’ War


“Sharp, striking, and loaded with the wisdom of the deep past”

Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs


“Michelle Paver is a writer of extraordinary talent. I was enthralled, from start to finish. The storytelling was every bit as vivid and immersive as I remembered … Michelle is in a league of her own with this series and what luck for us all that she hasn’t finished with Torak, Renn and Wolf’s world yet.”

Abi Elphinstone, author of Rumblestar


“Parents, you’re going to need to buy this book and, unfortunately for your wallets, probably the previous six in the series if your offspring haven’t already read them!”



“Equity between male and female is a surprising theme in the story. And for one character it is a story of emancipation and empowerment – an important storyline for children living in a modern society which still has some way to go before fairness reigns.

Perfect for children in UKS2 and KS3, this is a fantastically unique fantasy story which speaks to heart, mind, body and soul. A story in the vein of the greatest and oldest adventure epics, and importantly, one that raises many pertinent questions for our own life and times. I shall certainly be seeking out the other books in this series, such was the excellence of this one.”



“From the very opening of this brilliant book, I was back in the ancient world with Torak and Wolf. It was like meeting up with much loved and long since seen friends…

I’ve always found it hard to remove myself from her books and come back to the real world… If you’ve enjoyed any of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness before, you must read this!”



Viper’s Daughter is an astoundingly rich, immersive and thrilling adventure that utterly gripped me from start to finish, skilfully drawing me into the Stone Age world with characters I adored, feared and feared for. This is a stunning masterpiece of powerful, evocative storytelling at its absolute best: it swept me into the world, enthralled me, emotionally drained me but, ultimately, left me wholly satisfied.”



“Master storytelling, atmospheric and thrilling by turns”

Books for Keeps


“What a thrill it is to be back in the world. It’s an exhilarating, immersive adventure of clans, demons, breathtaking action and heartfelt loyalties.”

The Bookseller


“It keeps a fast pace, making it a real page turner. Descriptions of the icy landscape, crackling with demon-infested volcanoes, all add to the tension. Characters quickly feel familiar, even for readers new to the series”

Irish Examiner


Viper’s Daughter

“Master storytelling, atmospheric and thrilling by turns” – Books for Keeps

Renn had never felt so alone… This was no place for living creatures. It was the haunt of demons and ghosts.

For two summers Torak the spirit walker and Renn of the Raven Clan have been living in the Forest with their faithful pack-brother, Wolf. But their happiness is shattered when Renn senses an appalling truth about herself – and disappears.

Torak and Wolf set off to find her. Their journey takes them beyond the furthest reaches of the Far North, where they must vanquish a deeper evil than has ever threatened them before…

VIPER’S DAUGHTER is the long-awaited sequel to the award-winning series that began with WOLF BROTHER. Fans will be delighted once again to enter the Stone-Age world of Torak, Renn and Wolf… and new readers can start their epic adventure here too!

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