wolf brother

Zaneta writes…

Hi Michelle, I have at last read all nine books of the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness starting with Wolf Brother and Ending with Wolfbane. They are very good, very well written and very exciting to read. I like your understanding of how ancient people lived and what they believed in. I felt so good when i finally read the last book.They appeal to people of all ages, I am actually 70 now. I am very thankful to have these lovely books on my bookcase too,.I read the first 6 in Swedish and the last three in English.
thank you again
best wishes from Zaneta

Michelle Replies…

Dear Zaneta, I’m replying to your lovely message with unusual speed, as I was just about to log off for the evening – but I couldn’t without thanking you first!  I’m delighted that you have enjoyed all nine of the Wolf Brother books (as people often call them in England), and I want to thank you for taking the trouble to write.  I also love the fact that you’ve read them  at all,  given that they’re marketed more towards children than people of our age; that shows an open and unprejudiced mind.  Thanks again.  With very best wishes,  Michelle