Wolf Brother Movie release date…

Aiyana writes…

Hello, let me just say I love your work, and I kinda like to think of myself as your No.1 fan

It really is an honour to be speaking to you, I love 💕 your books. My favourite is definitely Vipers Daughter.
I really wanted to ask you when / if there’s going to be a Wolf Brother movie coming out any time soon.
I have done allot of researching online and watched a few trailers (it looks amazing), but I also found out that apparently you had to stop working on the Wolf Brother movie project.
I would really just like an update on a release date (something to look forward to), and also if you aren’t working on a movie yet, please please begin making one, I’ve loved your books, and I’m sure many others have too, and we’d all love to see a movie come out.

Michelle Replies…

Dear Aiyana, thanks very much for your message, and it’s great that you like my books.  I was really pleased to learn that Viper’s Daughter is your favourite, as it was  a very difficult one to write, because I’d been away from the Wolf Brother books for so many years!

You’re not the only reader to ask about a film adaptation, but I’m afraid that since the last film deal ended, there have been no developments.  As for those trailers which you saw online, I’m pretty sure they relate to some other film, and not WOLF BROTHER, because our film deal never got that far.

I’m sorry I can’t give you better news.  Please be assured that if things change, I will post the news on my website.  In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy my stories.  With very best wishes, Michelle