Wolf Brother translations

Kit writes…

Hello Miss Paver,

I've been a fan of your Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series for 16/17 years and am recently revisiting them. Wolf Brother is the first and only book I remember reading where I was immediately sucked in by the first sentence, and Spirit Walker is the only book in recent years I've read all the way through in 1 day. I absolutely love this series and I can't wait to read the sequel 3 for the first time.
Some lead up info for my Q: I'm in the process of learning Dutch and had the thought that it'd be fun to have the goal of being able to read the Dutch translation of Wolf Brother and the other books, and I was able to find in the Wikipedia article that a Dutch translation of the series was made, but I can't find the name of it or the printing house for the life of me.
So, my question is, would you happen to know the name of either the series or publisher, or what the best way to get a translation of your books would be?
Even if you don't, I appreciate your reading this and am sending well wishes to you and yours.
Thank you,

Michelle Replies…

Dear Kit, Thanks for your question – and I’m so pleased that you enjoyed the books as a child, and it’s great that you still are!  The first six books were originally published in Holland and Belgium by the house of books: sometimes abbreviated to thb, www.thehouseofbooks.nl. Wolf Brother was called “Torak en Wolf”, its ISBN ws 9044312235, and the series title was “avonturen uit een magisch verleden”. It was translated by Ellis Post Uiterweer, who translated the other five books as well.  I’ve got all this from my copy of the Dutch volumes,  but I have a hazy recollection that the house of books may have been taken over by another publishing house, I can’t recall which.  I hope the information I’ve given you will help you track down a copy.  Maybe abe.com or similar could help?  Anyway, good luck – and good luck with your Dutch studies, too!  With best wishes, Michelle