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Wolf Brother

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(lack of) Hungarian translations

I am a Japanese reader of the Japanese translation of Viper’s daughter.

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Wolf Brother translations

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Growing up with your books

The art of building suspense in words

Wolf Brother Movie release date…

Aiyana writes...

Hello, let me just say I love your work, and I kinda like to think of myself as your No.1 fan

It really is an honour to be speaking to you, I love 💕 your books. My favourite is definitely Vipers Daughter.
I really wanted to ask you when / if there’s going to be a Wolf Brother movie coming out any time soon.
I have done allot of researching online and watched a few trailers (it looks amazing), but I also found out that apparently you had to stop working on the Wolf Brother movie project.
I would really just like an update on a release date (something to look forward to), and also if you aren’t working on a movie yet, please please begin making one, I’ve loved your books, and I’m sure many others have too, and we’d all love to see a movie come out.

Michelle Replies...

Dear Aiyana, thanks very much for your message, and it's great that you like my books.  I was really pleased to learn that Viper's Daughter is your favourite, as it was  a very difficult one to write, because I'd been away from the Wolf Brother books for so many years!

You're not the only reader to ask about a film adaptation, but I'm afraid that since the last film deal ended, there have been no developments.  As for those trailers which you saw online, I'm pretty sure they relate to some other film, and not WOLF BROTHER, because our film deal never got that far.

I'm sorry I can't give you better news.  Please be assured that if things change, I will post the news on my website.  In the meantime, I hope you continue to enjoy my stories.  With very best wishes, Michelle

French Translation 3bLast books chronicles of darkness

Vincendeau writes...

Hello MIchelle.

I m really enjoy to have find your website.
I m French woman : so apologize for my -bad- translation !
I discovered your books of aventures of Torak Wolf and Renn when I Was 12 years old. I foolowed their aventures until your Last book "ghost unter". I loved them !
I m not really fluent in english to say you, to say you properly the Way that your histories made me dream when I was young. I discovered this world through your writing !
Now I m 29. Today, since long time I opened the first book "Wolf brother" to read again your chronicles. I found another time the magic of your universe ! I dont get enough.
Then I discovered That you wrote not one but 3 others books ! My dream Come True !
I want to thank you to have continued the aventures of Torak Wolf Renn with 3 others books !
However after many research, it seems that your 3 books are not translate into French language. I permit me to ask you if it Will be possible to translate in French language your 3 books ? It Will be unbelievable ! But it s right, I don t know of it Will be possible.
In any case I thank you again and again for your writting your fabulous books !
I return to my reading !

Michelle Replies...

Dear Flore, thank you very much for your lovely message, and I'm delighted that you've enjoyed my books over the years.  I'm afraid that at the moment Hachette have no plans to publish a French translation of the final three books in the WOLF BROTHER series.  I don't know why, but they just decided that they wouldn't.  You aren't the only French reader who as asked this question, but I'm afraid there's not much we can do about it.  Although you could always write to them and suggest that they do; it might help!

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, and thanks again for getting in touch.  I hope you continue to enjoy those of my stories which are available in French.  (And by the way, your English is really good, and a lot better than my French!).  With best wishes, Michelle

Eagle Owls

Annabel writes...

Hi Michelle, my name is Annabel. When my sister left home a few years ago, she handed your books down to me and I have come back to CoAD ever since. We heartily agree that they are such good books.

Ghost Hunter has to be my favourite, because of the excitement and ultimatum of it all. I cried when the eagle owl attacked the wolves and, for the first time in my life, I felt a strong sense of dislike for owls, having loved them all my life!

I also met the wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust before it closed to the public, taking some wonderful photos of them. One day, I want to write about the friendship between children and wild animals, though I think big cats are more my thing. I do like wolves, but I think you have ticked that box!

One final note: the first meeting of Renn in Wolf Brother still makes me want to give her a good slap. That is how good you are at creating convincing cruelty in your characters!

Many thanks for being you,
Best wishes

Michelle Replies...

Dear Annabel, thank you so much for your message, and I'm delighted that you like my books!  I did laugh when you said that you wanted to slap Renn when Torak first meets her; you're not the only reader who's had that reaction.  And just so you know, that eagle owl in GHOST HUNTER is a bit of an exception, and I too love owls.  There are tawny owls on Wimbledon Common, where I live, and sometimes they hunt in the meadow opposite my house; it's always a treat to hear them calling to each other, and to catch a glimpse of them flying.

Thank you again for getting in touch, and the best of luck with your own writing, as and when you do it. Regards, Michelle

Wolf boy

Cassie writes...

Hi! Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for you chronicles of ancient darkness series. My 8 yr old son is reading wolf boy at the moment and he can not put it down! He tells me it's even better than Harry Potter.
He has a lot of troubles at school so it is so lovely to see the joy that reading your book brings him. Thankyou!

Michelle Replies...

Dear Cassie, that's absolutely brilliant to hear, I'm so glad!  I had trouble at school when I was about ten (I was bullied), and reading became my lifeline.  I don't know what kind of trouble your son is having, but I really hope it resolves soon - and that he continues to enjoy the Wolf Brother stories.  There are eight more after the first one!

Thanks again for getting in touch.  Best wishes, Michelle

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

Timothy writes...

Hello Michelle,
I grew up on the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness book series and it was my favourite book series by far, one of the best parts of my childhood. I was wondering whether there was a complete special edition for all nine of the books, as I want to keep them in my collection and get them signed by you at some point. My original copy was accidentally destroyed recently by my parents in a move to university and I'm just wondering where I could get the collectors edition.

Michelle Replies...

Dear Timothy, I'm delighted that you've enjoyed the books so much, and also glad that you've managed to catch up with the last three books in the series!  I'm afraid there isn't a collector's edition or any edition of all nine books together, because the final three have a different publisher from the first six; and publishers aren't great at collaborating on these things. If that changes in the future, I will of course announce it on my website.  In the meantime, though, I'm afraid you'll have to make do with what's available.  Although I should say that Head of Zeus, who publish the final three books in the series, have done a gorgeous job of making them look like the originals, because they've used the original artists, Geoff Taylor and John Fordham.

Hope this helps.  With very best wishes, Michelle

Writing to Michelle paver for a school project

Haylee writes...

Dear Miss Pavar,

My name is Haylee Barnhardt, I live in Lacrosse, Wisconsin. I am 11 years old, I have a dog and two parakeets. I LOVE wolves, I want a pet wolf when I’m older, my favorite book of yours is wolf brother. That’s the book I’m on I haven’t red all your books yet. My favorite book genres are animal, Adventure,and mystery. And you have all those combined and I’m also writing a book with all ‘em combined, but don’t worry I’m not copying you.

Do plan on writing any other books? What’s your favorite book you’ve wrote? Do you get a lot of fan mail? Do you have any pets? Do you have a pet wolf, I thought when I looked you up you were holding a wolf pup? By the way I’m writing to you for a school project. A couple more questions, Do Renn and Torak end getting together? Do Renn and wolf stay with Torak throughout all the books? We’re did you get the idea to write a book and we’re did you get the the information and idea to write the book?

I really like how you made the enemy a bear. I hope Renn and Torak are mates in the other books. You should make a movie it would be AWESOME.

Well by for now. You don’t have to write back but I would Appreciate it if you did. I hope I wasn’t bothering you have a great day.

Michelle Replies...

Dear Haylee, thanks for your message, and I'm so glad that you are enjoying Wolf Brother. It's also great that you like wolves so much.   I'm sure you'll understand that I can't answer all your questions, because if I did, lots of other readers would want me to help them with their homework!  However you'll find the answers to lots of your questions either here, where I've answered them for other readers, or on my website  In particular, if you go into the Cave there, you'll find something all about how I came to write Wolf Brother.  As for what happens in the stories, I shall leave that for you to find out...

The best of luck with writing your own book, I hope you have fun with it.  And thanks for getting in touch, Best wishes, Michelle

Biggest fan

Andrew writes...

Hello, my name is Andrew foster & I absolutely love your books. I read wolf brother in 4th grade and was hooked ever since. I’m 29 now and still reading them but now I get to read them to my own 2 sons. The way you make it easy for the reader to picture what they’re reading is incredible. I just wanted to thank you and express to you how much your books impacted my life. They brought me into a different world that I could get lost into for a few hours and Put the real world to the side. I think everyone could use that from time to time. Thank you for your amazing writing and I hope you know your books changed my life and I could never thank you enough
-Andrew Foster

Michelle Replies...

Dear Andrew, What a marvellous message for a writer to receive! I'm  really pleased that you have found it easy to be able to picture what's happening in my stories - not least because that's not an easy thing to achieve when one is writing, and it has always taken me dozens of drafts.  I also find it particularly moving that you are now (or perhaps will be soon) reading the stories to your own sons.   Somehow that puts me in mind of Fin-Kedinn telling the clan stories around the long-fire.

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to get in touch.  With very best wishes, Michelle

Primary school class loving your novel.

Dale writes...

Good afternoon,
My name is Dale Innes and I am a primary school teacher. We are currently studying wolf brother as our class novel and the children are loving it. The opportunity Arouse to purchase new books for our schools reading scheme and wolf brother was top of my list. I have taught literacy through your novels in previous schools and I love how this novel grips the children’s imagination and interest in reading.

I was wondering if you would be able to answer some of the children’s questions? We are completing an author study on you and the children love having the opportunity to ask you questions. =)

1. How did you come up with the ideas for characters in wolf brother?
2. What inspired you to write wolf brother? Do you have a favourite chapter?
3. What is your favourite book of both your own writing and of other authors books?
4. What inspired you to get into writing novels?
5. How did you feel when your published book becomes popular?
6. How long does writing a book take?
7. Did you enjoy writing as a child?
8. Do you plan on continuing to add to the wolf brother sequel of novels?
9. Do you have anything on your desk whilst writing to inspire you?
10. Does writing books require a lot of motivation to keep going if you get writers block?

Thank you for your time and for writing such interesting novels.

King regards,
Dale Innes and Primary 5/6 I

Michelle Replies...

Dear Dale,

Many thanks for your message, and I'm so glad that the children are enjoying my stories.  They've asked lots of questions, and as I've already answered some of them for other readers or on my website, I won't repeat myself, but here goes:

Qu 2 - What inspired me to write Wolf Brother? - Please see, go to the Cave, then click on "Why I wrote Wolf Brother", for the full story.

Qu 8 - Will there be more in the series after Wolf Bane? The short answer is "no".  For a fuller answer, please see my recent answers on this website to Josiah and also Lilya.

Qus 2 & 3 - I don't really have favourite chapters, or books that I've written, or read. (Or if I do, they keep changing!)

Qu6 - How long does writing a book take?  It depends on how long the book is, but not as much as you might think.  For instance, Wolf Brother is a shortish book, but it took just as long to write as some of my adult stories which were twice as long.  I'm quite a slow writer, and the books I write always seem to need lots of research - both in libraries and in the wild.  I also like to plan my stories very carefully, although these plans are only a guide, and I always change them a lot as I'm writing the story.  Lastly, I re-write a lot, cutting out the boring bits, making the story clearer, that sort of thing.  This is crucial.  For Wolf Brother I went through about 30-40 drafts.  So to answer your question, most of my books take about a year to write; and sometimes as much as 18 months.

Qu 1 -Some of the characters share traits with myself (Renn is rather critical, as am I, and Torak is a loner, as I am) - or with people I know.  However mostly they are themselves, as they walk into my imagination.  And they often surprise me while I'm writing, by doing something (in my imagination, I mean), which I didn't expect.  But that's good, it means they're coming alive.

Qu 7 - Yes, I always loved writing as a child, and I wrote my first story when I was five.  It was called "Ebany the Mouse Goddess" (my spelling wasn't great), and it was about a mouse goddess who rescued her people from a glacier which was threatening to squash their village.  At school I went on writing, and I loved it. I think this was because when you write, you can make anything happen.  You're in control.  And I enjoyed using my imagination.

Qu 9 - I don't really get inspiration from the things on my desk, but I do have a few small objects that I like to look at and pick up when I 'm thinking. One I particularly like is a small swimming seal about the size of my thumb.  It's beautifully carved from reindeer antler and very realistic, with its front flippers pressed against its flanks, as seals do when they swim.  It was carved by a Chukchi artist and I bought it from him on a windy beach in Chukotka, eastern Siberia, when I was there on a research trip for Viper's Daughter, the seventh book in the Wolf Brother series. I love it.

Well that's all I've got time for, but I hope the children enjoy these answers - and continue to enjoy my books. Thanks for getting in touch.

Best wishes, Michelle







You’re incredible:)

India writes...

Just a quick comment to say thank you for all the worlds that you've shown me:)

I adored the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness as a child and when I read them now feel just as immersed in Torak's world. I don't know another series that is so wonderfully rich and well researched!

Recently read Dark Matter and Thin Air and have rarely been more unsettled by books. I love them! Same feelings as reading Daphne Du Maurier's horrors.

So yeah, just wanted to say thank you and I hope you're well 🙂

Michelle Replies...

Dear India,

What a truly lovely message to receive on a cloud, windy and rainy Monday morning!  I'm delighted that you enjoyed the Wolf Brother books as  a child, and it's great that you've since graduated to my adult Gothic stories. I find that very encouraging as I battle to find enough time to finish my fourth Gothic story (after Wakenhyrst, that is).  It's set in a rainforest, and has been bleating for my attention over the past few weeks, as I've been busy dealing with stuff concerning my elderly Ma.

Thanks again for getting in touch.  Stay well, and happy reading!

Best wishes, Michelle

I must of cried for an hour straight

Lily aya writes...

when I entered 5th grade (now at the end of 6th) I started reading your
book series; the ancient chronicles of darkness. I almost immediately
fell in love with Torak, Renn, Dark, Wolf and all the others. I know
there's a incredibly small chance that this will do anything. ( I assume
your very busy with others books.) but, only halfway into the last book,
I realized I would have to say goodbye to Torak and Renn. I must of
cried for an hour straight. the point is, if you have free time, it
would mean the world to me if you continued the book series. but, if
that isn't something you can do, thank you for the overpowering
happiness you brought me. You ended wolfbane fantasticly so its probably
not writers block but if you did continue the book series, the next plot
could be that Renn gets pregnant, just an idea. thank you for writing
the book series, and if you dont write another book, thats completly ok.
i wish i had the words to explain who grateful I am for it. ( sorry for
my bad grammer)

Michelle Replies...

Dear Lilya,

Many thanks for your lovely message, and for your question.  You are not alone in wanting me to write another Wolf Brother book!  However I'm afraid that as you've probably guessed, the answer is no, I have no plans to write any more books in the series.  I give my reasons in full in a reply to a message from another reader, Josiah, back in early February; you might like to take a look at what I said to him.  But briefly, I feel that I've dealt with the emotional aftermath of the first six books, and that I've given Torak, Renn and Wolf a good send-off  and started them on their adult lives. Maybe that will involve children for Torak and Renn, as you indicated - or maybe not.  It 's now up to readers to take the stories further in their imaginations. Another reason was that  I wanted to end the series on a high note, and I'm extremely proud of how WOLF BANE has turned out, so I think it's best to leave it there.  You're also right that I am currently writing another book, this time a grown-up ghost story set in a tropical rainforest.

Thanks for being so understanding  and perceptive about my not writing any more of the books you love.  And perhaps a spot of re-reading might help?

With very best wishes, Michelle