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Aly writes...

Hi Michelle. I have just re read Dark Matter and Thin Air for the third time over the Christmas period. Are you planning on writing anymore books like this? Also Wakenhyrst is another favourite. Anything else along those lines planned?

Happy New Year.

Aly Clarke, Norfolk, England.

Michelle Replies...

Dear Aly, Thanks so much for your message; and what a great time to read - sorry, re-read - my two ghost stories!  Yes, I do indeed plan to write more of them, and have several ideas to work on.  The next one is set in a rainforest, but I'm afraid I can't tell you more than that right now.  As and when there's a publication date, I'll post details on my website.  Best wishes, Michelle

More ghost stories?

Rosalyn writes...

Hi Michelle,
I just wanted to write to say how much I love your books Thin Air and Dark Matter. My family and I love ghost stories and your books are by far the best we’ve ever read (although we can’t agree which one out of thin air and dark matter we think is the scariest!). Have you ever considered or been approached to turn your stories into films or tv shows? And are you planning on writing another chilling tale any time soon? Where do you take your inspiration from?
Thank you so much for the stories!
Best wishes,

Michelle Replies...

Dear Rosalyn, Thank you for your lovely message!  I'm delighted that you and your family have enjoyed Thin Air and Dark Matter.  Concerning films, Dark Matter has been the subject of a film deal a couple of times, but as with many film deals, it has never got beyond the script stage (if that changes, I'll post the news on my website).  As for writing further supernatural tales, I wrote Wakenhyrst a while ago; that's more of a Gothic story than a pure ghost story (although it does feature a haunting); and my next ghost story after that will be set in a rainforest - although that's all I can say about  it right now.  Where do I get my inspiration from?  The short answer is that  it comes from somewhere deep in the unconscious.  I don't really know more than that, and I'm just glad when I get another idea.  Thanks again for getting in touch, and I hope you have a happy and peaceful New Year.  Best wishes, Michelle

Wolf Brothers Series Availability in French

Regina writes...

Dear Michelle,
My son loves your books and reads them in English, and he would also love to read them in French language as well (he went to French Immersion school in Canada).
We are trying to find Wolf Brothers series in French all over the web with no luck, no e-book or physical books available any more.
Do you know where and when we could purchase this series in French?

Michelle Replies...

Dear Regina, It's great that your son loves my Wolf Brother books, but I'm afraid that I'm in no better position than you about finding copies of the French translations.  I'd suggest, or another similar website for finding secondhand books, if you haven't already looked at them.  And I'm sorry to say that the final three books (Viper's Daughter, Skin Taker, and Wolf Bane) haven't been translated into French.  Sorry I can't be of help - and good luck in your search!  With best wishes, Michelle

Dark Matter

David McBride writes...

Will this novel ever be turned into a movie?
It should be .

Michelle Replies...

Dear David, many thanks for your message.  I agree with you that Dark Matter would make a good film (in the right hands).  And over the years it's been optioned by a couple of film companies.  They've got as far as a script, but then things have petered out.  This is far from unusual; in fact it's what normally happens with film deals (I read somewhere that roughly 90% of them don't result in a film).   However if things change with Dark Matter, I shall most certainly post the news on my website.  Again, thanks for getting in touch - and I hope you have a happy and peaceful New Year.  Best wishes, Michelle

Ringraziamento e informazione

Gianluca writes...

Vorrei anzitutto ringraziarti per il tuo libro "La magia del lupo", l'ho trovato genuino ed incantevole.
Mi ha fatto tornare bambino, a sognare la magia di vivere nella foresta oltre che di comprenderne il linguaggio della stessa.
Ho 33 anni, quindi non sono proprio un bambino...Eppure sono tornato a sognare, con leggerezza.
Mi chiedo se tu conosca qualcuno che possa darmi la possibilità di vedere da vicino i comportamenti di un branco, magari tramite un biologo o un etologo.
E' un'esperienza che desidererei molto.
Non importa quanto tempo e quali siano le condizioni, mi piacerebbe vivere un'esperienza del genere e ho pensato che grazie ai tuoi studi e al tuo percorso per scrivere i romanzi, tu abbia queste informazioni.
Grazie in anticipo per la tua amicizia e gentilezza,


Good morning
First of all I would like to thank you for your book "The Magic of the Wolf", I found it genuine and enchanting.
It made me feel like a child again, dreaming of the magic of living in the forest as well as understanding its language.
I'm 33 years old, so I'm not really a kid... And yet I went back to dreaming, lightly.
I wonder if you know anyone who can give me the opportunity to see the behaviors of a herd up close, perhaps through a biologist or an ethologist.
It's an experience I would really like.
No matter how long and what the conditions are, I would love to have such an experience and I thought that thanks to your studies and your path to writing novels, you have this information.
Thank you in advance for your friendship and kindness,


Michelle Replies...

Buongiorno, GianLuca, and I'm delighted that you enjoyed "La Magia del Lupo"  so much! If I understand you correctly, you'd love to see a wolf pack close up.  I'm afraid it's very hard to observe wolves in the wild, because we've hunted them for so long that they make sure they're not seen - and they're extremely good at that.  Of course there are wildlife reserves where w0lf packs aren't hunted, so that would be your best chance of seeing them in the wild - although even there, it is largely a matter of luck.  I haven't myself seen pack behaviour in the wild, although I have come across many wolf tracks, and heard them howling, which was magical.  My own wolf research was all done at a local wolf conservation charity in England, where the wolves were kept in large, wooded enclosures, and were used to seeing people - although they definitely weren't tame.  (For more information on that, see the Author's Note at the back of my books; although I'm afraid that the charity in question has now closed to the public.)  There may well be such charities or reserves in Italy or elswhere in Europe; you might be able to find something online.  And although it wouldn't be as amazing as seeing them in the wild, you would definitely see lots of wolf interactions and behaviours.  In my own research, I found that the more frequently I visited and got to know the individual wolves, the more interesting they became, as I kept seeing odd little habits and behaviours.  I'm sorry I can't be more definite, but I hope I've helped a bit, and that you get to see some wolves soon!  With best wishes, Michelle

just some praise

tanner writes...

michelle, hi! i just finished “dark matter” minutes ago - like, truly just minutes ago - and felt inclined to reach out. such an affecting read. scary and sad and good and i really loved the relationship between jack and gus! jack’s inability to journal his real feelings was so… relatable? i see you are writing something in the same style but with a focus on the rain forest? any details you can provide on that? anyways, loved this book and have already added “thin air” to my TBR!

Michelle Replies...

Thanks for getting in touch, Tanner, and I'm delighted that you enjoyed Dark Matter so much.  I'm afraid I can't tell you anything more about the rainforest story, as I don't want to spoil things for you and for other readers. I do hope you enjoy Thin Air!  With best wishes, Michelle

Review of “Thin Air” – posted in

Graham writes...

Michelle seems to have a great skill in researching the background to each of her novels and making sure the readers find themselves fully engrossed in that background as well as enjoying the story she weaves into it. "Thin Air" is no exception in this regard.

I know nothing about mountaineering, and as I am not at all a sporty person it is not something that particularly interests me. More power to Michelle’s elbow, then that she had me gripped from the beginning to the end of this novel, enjoying all that mountaineering background. Everything from the scenery, the technical side of the sport, and the medical background was covered brilliantly. Also, the dating was covered very well too, with the rather racist attitudes of the time (early 20th century) coming through in the language used by the main characters.

The interpersonal relationships, which actually are probably extremely important during a climb, were covered extremely well. This was particularly the case with the narrator, Dr Pearce, and his brother Kits.

All of this ignores the fact that “Thin Air” is actually a ghost story. And I think it ignores it deliberately. Most ghost stories would focus on the ghostly encounter itself, with everything else being background. But I found the mountaineering itself, the description of the locations, and the interpersonal relations of the climbers filled most of the novel, with the ghost story almost being just an overlay. Which worked, for me, extremely well.

As I found was the case with Michelle’s “Wakenhyrst”, there is an element to the ending which you could take as questioning whether it really ends the way you are led to believe it does. It is even more subtle here, and I believe most readers would accept the ending as stated. But my rampant imagination enjoyed playing with the idea that it really ended very differently. I will not spoil your reading by saying any more!

An engrossing read, which is what I have come to expect from Michelle Paver.

Michelle Replies...

And again, thank you, Graham, for that very nice review of Thin Air.  I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!  With best wishes, Michelle

More “A Ghost Stories” on the way?

Erica writes...

I got recommended Dark Matter by my sister and we ended up reading it in my book club for halloween. It was a great success, and we promptly read Thin Air and Wakenhyrst as well. Now we're eagerly awaiting another novel in this "series" as it were, and I wanted to ask you if there are any more on the way?
All the best,
Erica Hardi

Michelle Replies...

Dear Erica, I'm delighted that you and your book club enjoyed Dark Matter, Thin Air and Wakenhyrst!  There is indeed another supernatural tale on the way.  At the moment all I can tell you is that it's a ghost story, set in a tropical rainforest, and due to be published in 2025. I haven't quite finished it, but I think you'll find it's a worthy successor to my previous books.  Thanks so much for getting in touch.  With best wishes, Michelle

Review of Wakenhyrst

Graham writes...

I have just written for Goodreads a review of your wonderful book Wakenhyrst and thought you might like to read it, so here it is:

This novel combines gothic horror, ancient fenland folklore, and the social history of the fens. It also depicts very well how women in the early 20th century (as in many other periods too) were downtrodden and mistreated, how the “under classes” were, like the women, either ignored or badly treated, and how children had to behave impeccably or suffer the consequences.

It is very well written in thriller style, making you eager to turn the next page and find out what happens next. In doing so you also imbibe all that mixed factual material about the fens and mediaeval history.

The novel leaves you wondering throughout whether what is happening is the result of mental instability or if there really are demons working behind the scenes. When you finish you initially feel it is all down to the former. But then you may, like me, feel a slight flutter suggesting perhaps there was a little more to it after all.

A good read!

Michelle Replies...

Dear Graham, I've just got home and read your marvellous message.  Thank you SO much - not only for the brilliant review, but also for letting me know about it via your posting; that was really thoughtful, and I do appreciate it.  Most of all, though, I'm simply delighted that you enjoyed the book; and I'm particularly pleased that I managed to leave you with that "slight flutter" of doubt about demons, after you'd finished.  Thanks again.  With very best wishes, Michelle

School VIsit

Nicholas writes...

Hi Michelle,

I am an English Lead at a Junior School in South Woodford, East London and was wondering whether there was any scope for a school visit as the children love your books.

Many Thanks,


Michelle Replies...

Dear Nick, I'm sorry about the delay in getting back to you.  It's wonderful to know that the children enjoy my books , but I'm afraid that I've decided not to do any more school visits for the forseeable future.  I'm so sorry to disappoint you.  With very best wishes,  Michelle