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Thank you so much for giving us wonderful stories!

Yuka writes...

I love Wolf Brother from Japan

Michelle Replies...

Dear Yuka, Konichiwa - and thank you so much for your lovely message, I'm delighted that you love Wolf Brother!  May the guardian run with you... With very best wishes, Michelle

wolf brother

mikahil writes...

how did torak meet the boar

Michelle Replies...

Dear Mikahil, the title of your message is "Wolf Brother", but from memory, I don't think Torak meets a boar in that book.  Maybe you're referring to his brief sort-of friendship with a large male boar in Spirit Walker?  In that story, the boar just happens by Torak's fire one night in Chapter Eight - as creatures tend to do in the Forest.  Torak tries to get across that he's not hunting him, and after that the boar keeps him company for a while (at least, that's how it feels to Torak) - before things go spectacularly wrong.  I hope this answers your question - and thank you for getting in touch!  With best wishes, Michelle

Will there be more books in the series

Paul writes...

Would be there more books in the series chronicles of ancient darkness (I know I've already seen that there will be no more. But for a straight 3 weeks i can't stop thinking about it) i can't stop reading

Michelle Replies...

Dear Paul, I'm afraid you're right that there won't be any more Wolf Brother books after the ninth and final one: Wolf Bane really is the end.  This is because, with the three final books (VIPER'S DAUGHTER, SKIN TAKE & WOLF BANE), I think I've given Torak, Renn and Wolf a good send-off - as well as dealing with quite a lot of the emotional aftermath of what they went through in the previous six books.  I'm really glad that you've had such a strong connection with the books. Perhaps a bit of re-reading might help?  Thanks for getting in touch.  And may the guardian run with you!  Michelle

Birthday Books

Stella writes...

Hello, I wanted to reach out to you about my daughter, Nox. She's been a huge fan of your "Wolf Brother" series ever since she was in 4th grade. ( she is now in 8th grade) She's really dedicated and passionate about your books! Your books have had a deep effect on her, inspiring and nurturing her love for reading in ways that are difficult to put into words. All of her school tests have her reading at a college level.

Nox has discovered comfort and excitement within the stories of your books. She even went through a fun period where she dreamt of being apart of a wolf pack. Often speaking of the strength and determination of a wolf. She has read the series multiple times, and every time she reads it, she feels just as happy and excited as she did the first time.

Last year we had to leave our home suddenly because of unexpected and unsafe circumstances. During all the chaos, Nox unfortunately lost a lot of her treasured belongings, including her beloved collection of books. I have been able to replace them, but, I can't replace those memories she had staying up late and reading the story. I've personally seen how much strength and comfort your stories have given her during these tough times. I'm reaching out because I want to bring some joy.

Nox's birthday is coming up quickly on November 18th, and I can't think of a better gift than a signed copy of one of your "Wolf Brother" books. It would be really special and meaningful. I understand that you need this request to be completed quickly, and I am happy to cover any extra expenses that may arise in order to make it happen faster. If it's not possible to get it done by her birthday, I'd still be really happy to give it to her as a Christmas gift instead.

I would really appreciate it if you could help me with the process of buying a signed copy of your book for Nox. Your stories have brought so much joy and excitement into her life, and I really want to bring back some of that magic for her.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post. Thank you so much. I am incredibly grateful for the stories you have shared, as they have not only touched my daughter's soul, but also countless young readers worldwide. Your gift of storytelling is truly remarkable, and I cannot express enough how thankful I am for it.

Hello, I hope this message finds you well.

Michelle Replies...

Deare Stella, thank you for your message.  I'm delighted that my Wolf Brother stories have meant so much to your daughter - and sorry that she lost her copies under what sounds like difficult circumstances.  Your idea of getting a signed book for her does you credit as a caring mother; but I'm afraid I can't help you.  You see, I get requests for signed copies from all over the world, and if I did it for one child, I would have to do it for all.  And I simply don't have the time. I am sorry, and I would like to wish Nox a really special birthday on the 18th.  With best wishes, Michelle

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

Sharon writes...

Hi Michelle,

I'm an English literature and writing tutor for students that are in 3rd grade through high school. One of my favorite books that I read with 4th through 6th-graders is Wolf Brother. And, I always hope that they will continue on their own to read the other eight books in this fantastic series. I am also an avid Audible user and so enjoy listening to the great Sir Ian McKellen narrate your books. However, I have some questions for you:

1. Why are two of your books in this series, Spirit Walker and Soul Eater, unavailable on Audible? That is really upsetting to me because I love listening to this series from time to time, but can never listen to these titles that aren't on Audible. Is there any way to make these titles available on Audible? If so, please do it! Also, I have the same questions for the Gods and Warriors series since only book 1 is available on Audible.

2. I know that you gave rights to some entity to produce a TV series on COAD but that never came to pass. Is there any current effort to bring your books to the small screen? Multitudes of viewers would love to see that come to pass if it could be done well.

3. I believe it is the case that Torak never encounters anyone from the Wolf Clan other than Fa. Why? Did they all die? Or are they so secretive that they stay away from all other clans and never want contact with anyone? I'm curious.

Thank you again for your wonderful books and the hours of enjoyment you have given me and my students. I'd like to share with you that my 21-year-old son and I went on a two-day backpacking trip in Tahoe National Forest and built a large fire pit on a giant rock formation and listened to Wolf Brother while enjoying the gorgeous night sky and the firelight. It was an amazing time! Also, I have listened a couple of times to Thin Air and Dark Matter, and they are fabulously creepy!! I was scared.

Take care, Sharon

Michelle Replies...

Dear Sharon, I'm delighted that you, your students and son have enjoyed my books; and listening to Wolf Brother at night in Tahoe National Forest sounds amazing!  To answer your questions: (1) I'm afraid I've no idea why Spirit Walker and Soul Eater aren't available on Audible. You're not the first person who's asked, and I can only suggest you enquire of Audible, or of my publishers.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  As for Gods and Warriors, the publishers decided not to record any audiobooks after Book 1, so that's the only one available. (2) There's no current news on bringing the books to the small (or big) screen; if this changes, it will be posted on my website.  (3) Concerning the Wolf Clan:  you're right, they're very elusive, but they do make a brief appearence early on in Outcast (Book 4).  Thanks so much for getting in touch.  With best wishes, Michelle

name for my little cub

Hanna writes...

Dear Dear Michelle,

My name is Hanna and I Live in the Netherlands. I've been searching for a name, a special name to give to my firstborn (boy or girl, we don't know). I've opened my copies of Wolfbrother (Dutch translation is Torak and Wolf) and searched for names. and I was wondering, were there any names that you left out of the stories? Names that could belong in your magical world? Like many others, your stories have changed my way of really seeing the world as a wondrous place with natural miracles all around us. So I think it would fit to look for a name in your stories.

I am thinking about the name Renn. I think it's beautiful for a boy or a girl.

I hope you read this mail someday,

with love, Hanna

Michelle Replies...

Dear Hanna, what an unusual and lovely request; I am honoured that you are thinking of naming your baby from my stories.  It's a great idea to ask if there are any names I left out of the stories, but I'm afraid there aren't.  This is because I only ever created a new name once I had a character firmly in mind.  It then often took a while to create the right name - or to find it among the names of indigenous peoples such as the Inuit or the Sami - and I then had to live with it for a while, and see whether it felt right.  (I should add that I'm so glad you like the name Renn, as I too think it's beautiful; and as I recall, it was one of the easier ones to work out!)  All I can suggest is that you do as you are already doing: flick through the various stories of Torak en Wolf (as the series is known in Holland), and maybe make a list of possibles.  Once your baby is born, I would guess that his or her own character will help you find the right name - whether it ends up being from my stories, or somewhere else entirely.  I do hope all goes well, and I'm sending my very best wishes to you and your soon-to-be born baby.  Regards,  Michelle

Wolf Brother

Chris writes...

Why did you write Wolf Brother?

(From Brodie, aged 9)

Michelle Replies...

Dear Brodie,  The short answer to your question is that I wrote Wolf Brother because one day I had an idea for a story set in a forest about a boy, a girl, a wolf, and a huge bear.  At the time I didn't know where the idea came from, but I knew it would be a really good story and that I had to write it.  It was only after I'd written Wolf Brother, when people kept asking why I wrote it, that I realised it came from all sorts of things that had happened to me in my life,  going right back to childhood - as well as a very scary encounter with a real bear in a forest in California.  You can find more about that on my website you go into the "cave"  and click on "why I wrote Wolf Brother".  But I hope this answer will do for now.  Thanks for getting in touch, with very best wishes, Michelle

Love of the series

Siri writes...

Dear Michelle
I’m a 26 year old reader and have been following the world of wolf brother since it was first released when my mother picked it up back in 2004 and I have been absolutely hooked ever since.

I remember being deeply upset when I found out that Ghost Hunter would be the last in the series and as such felt sheer joy at hearing that the series would be continued for another three book. A great shame for it to ultimately end but fantastically done and a good place for it to end.

I have absolutely loved every single aspect of the series from the beginning till now, in particular the writings from the perspectives of Wolf.

Stemming from the childhood love, I have read, and reread the series many many times and have always come back to it as a comfort series to read if I feel like just sitting down to read. My love of the series even inspired me to try and make my own slate knife when I was young. My later years have led me to desire tattoos for the series drawn from the cover art.

I am also so spectacularly in love with Ian’s readings of the books and will listen to them frequently as I go about my day and often find myself attempting to imitate his style and voices, an excellent choice!

I look forward to one day showing the stories to my own children and hopefully pass long the love of this incredible series.

Thank you ever so much for writing and creating such an incredible world that I love so deeply.

Best wishes

Michelle Replies...

Dear Siri,  What can I say to such a lovely, heartfelt message?  You painted such a picture of your experience of reading the books as a child, and I love the fact that you tried to make your own slate knife!  I'm also really pleased that you like the way the series finally ends, with Wolfbane - and I'm delighted that you feel so strongly about Ian's magnificent readings of the books.  I do too; and being in the recording studio for every one of his recordings made me feel so privileged, it was almost like a reward for writing the stories.  Thank you again for getting in touch.  With very best wishes, Michelle

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series

Rita writes...

Hello, I’m a 69 year old woman who enjoys a lot of books written for children. Afterwards I recommend to my grandchildren and friends.
I enjoyed listening to your first book in this series, Wolf Brother. Will books 2 and 3 in the series be available unabridged on Audible?

Thank you for sharing your wonderful imagination,

Michelle Replies...

Dear Rita, I'm delighted that you enjoyed Wolf Brother!  The rest of the series, read by the marvellous Ian McKellen, ought to be available, as his recordings have been acclaimed and long enjoyed by readers; however I'm afraid that I don't know about their availability on Audible or any other specific platform.  I can only suggest that you contact the publishers, who handle these things.  Sorry I can't be of more help, and thank you for getting in touch.  With best wishes, Michelle

Temporary Tattoo Sheet

Raven writes...

Hi Michelle,

I've been meaning to read through Chronicles of Ancient Darkness again (as I finally have some extra time) since I recently learned that there were three new books to read! So, so excited to buy them and continue the adventures in the world I adored as a kid.

However, there's been a question on my mind ever since I was gifted my copy of Wolf Brother many years ago that I cannot stop thinking about. I have a temporary tattoo sheet full of all of the books' front cover symbols (Wolf, Orca, Ice Bear, Torak, etc.) - is this something that was placed in every hardcover copy of the book? Or was I gifted a special edition somehow? I have not seen anyone discuss this tattoo sheet online, nor do I know anyone personally who has read the series, so I have been too scared to try and use it! Though I'm unsure if it would still work effectively after so many years of preservation haha.

Is this temporary tattoo sheet special? Do you know if it was only associated with a particular edition of Wolf Brother? I'd greatly appreciate any information to help solve this decade-or-so-long mystery!

And also, thank you for writing one of the most influential book series I've ever read. The feelings I experienced when reading through the journey of Torak and Wolf have never left me, even so many years later. I look forward to completing the more recently released trilogy soon as well. Thank you.

Best wishes,

Michelle Replies...

Dear Raven, I'm so glad that you enjoyed the stories as a child.  The sheet of temporary tattoos did indeed come with a particular edition of Wolf Brother, many years ago, so by now there probably aren't that many of them left.  Indeed, I only have one copy with the tattoos in it, in my own collection - and like you, I've never tried them out.  Still, these things are meant to be used, so if I were you, I'd give them a try.  Thanks for getting in touch - and I really hope that you enjoy returning to Torak's world, in the final three books!  With very best wishes, Michelle